Over the last century, Lodi Canning has learned that mastering the niche lies in the details. Quality creamed corn is not too sweet and not too starchy. This perfect balance starts with the seeds.

Lodi Canning utilizes four different varieties of seeds, one of which was created especially for Lodi Canning. Fifty local farmers grow them for their creaminess, crispness, and flavor. The specialty seeds feature skins that don’t get tough, which gives our creamed corn the delicate, fresh taste our customers deserve and expect.

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We put the same amount of effort into our harvesting process. Our farmers know how to harvest these seeds so that they are optimal for creamed corn. During the maturation process, our farmers will allow the seeds to reach the sugary stage, rather than crossing over to the starchy growth stage as you would for regular kernels. We also harvest one field at a time so that we don’t mix the maturities of corn from numerous fields. Once the corn has reached peak perfection, it is brought to the plant, husked, cut, and canned all within three hours to capture its full fresh potential.