At Lodi Canning Co., we know the best food comes from only the finest ingredients. As one of Wisconsin’s leading canning services, we deliver direct from the farm to your table.

Farm to Table

At Lodi Canning, we appreciate the importance of farm-to-table and growing food sustainably.

Our own Seeds

Lodi Canning utilizes four different varieties of seeds which are specifically formulated for the climate at which we harvest our products.

Food Safety

We’re held to the highest quality standards, including food safety and implementing sustainability practices.


Lodi Canning is committed to giving back to our local community. When you purchase our products, you are supporting our local farmers and families.


We’ve been in business for over 100 years and know the safety measures a canning company must put in place to create food that is safe for human consumption across the country. We use modern, safe canning techniques and keep our company at a high level of cleanliness to serve the community and the country’s needs.