Lodi Cream Style Golden Sweet Corn is a delectable blend of farm-fresh kernels cooked to perfection, combined with the milky pulps of vibrant yellow kernels that we picked at the peak of ripeness. We use special seeds created specifically for Lodi Cream Style Golden Sweet Corn. Our cooking and canning methods lock in the flavor, so every bite of our creamed corn offers you both the crunch and milky creaminess of our signature product. With four varieties of corn blended and over 100 years of honing our craft, we give our hungry customers a taste sensation.


Lodi Whole Kernel Golden Corn is packed at the peak of Freshness to insure the Natural delicious flavor. Our Whole Kernel Corn adds that sweet savory flavor to any meal. Whether you serve our Corn as a side or use it as a component it compliments any dish.


Lodi White Hominy is made from the best combination of white and yellow maize we can find. In the intricate process of nixtamalization, we change the structure of the carbohydrates and proteins so that the hominy can bind together with water when ground.  We also remove the husks entirely so you can enjoy this product in salads as well as your more traditional uses.  Whether you eat our White Hominy straight from the can with some salt and pepper or grind it for tortillas, you will enjoy its earthy flavor.


To create our Lodi Baked Beans, we start with the finest ingredients and pick these legumes at the pinnacle of ripeness. Our team of cooks and canners locks in the flavor of the beans themselves while adding the robust addition of spices and tomato sauce. Enjoying the silky flavor of our Baked Beans will give you a healthy and delicious side dish to add to any meal.


If you are a fan of black beans, the creamy texture and versatility of Lodi Black Beans will have your mouth watering. We harvest our black beans at the perfect moment, and our cooking and canning process preserves the earthy taste and the delicate texture that will be delicious in any recipe. Whether you require the deep taste of black beans in your soups, salads, or dips, Lodi Black Beans are the height of quality.


Lodi Garbanzo Beans offer the texture and taste you want in all of your favorite recipes. We take the best seeds we can find and pick the beans at the perfect moment to ensure the freshest possible product. With our special cooking and canning techniques, we lock in the nutty, creamy flavor of the garbanzo beans, giving you a product that works equally well as a creamy hummus or a roasted crunchy addition to your favorite dishes


If you enjoy the down-to-earth flavor of legumes, then our Lodi Dark Red Kidney Beans will melt in your mouth. These all-purpose beans are grown from the best seeds and undergo our state-of-the-art cooking and canning process to bring out their robust flavors. Our Dark Red Kidney Beans hold up well in salad recipes, and provide the deep flavor you are looking for in your soups and chilis


We start with the freshest navy beans in order to make our signature Lodi Pork and Beans. With our unique cooking and canning methods, the beans are combined with tomato sauce, spices, and pork to create the tangy yet light taste you know and love. Use our Pork and Beans to complement any meal, and they go especially well with a cook-out style meal


The velvety taste of pinto beans comes alive in our Lodi Pinto Beans, which we harvest from the most quality seeds we can find. Our unique cooking and canning techniques lock in the butter taste and texture of these delicious beans. Whether in salads, soups, chilis, or bean burgers, the home-cooked taste and feel of our Pinto Beans will add creaminess to any dish.


Lodi Vegetarian Beans in Tomato Sauce are slow cooked to perfection in our Tomato Sauce and provide a delicious, flavorful side that adds protein and are fat free and Cholesterol free. The long term cooking process blends everything together perfectly.


Lodi Vegetarian Baked Beans are slow cooked in a savory mixture of Tomato Sauce, Brown Sugar, & and assorted Spices. Our Vegetarian Baked Beans will satisfy any Bean lover! The long term cooking process blends everything together perfectly.


Lodi’s fresh Fancy Sweet Peas are picked when crisply ripe and rushed to the canning factory, where they are canned quickly to preserve their tender sweetness. With special seeds created especially for our canning needs, customers can be assured that they are getting young, delicate peas picked at their peak ripeness. By quickly sealing in the flavor, folks throughout the nation can enjoy the delectable crunchy taste of Wisconsin’s signature country peas.


Lodi Canning Co. is constantly growing and expanding. As we evolve, more farm-fresh products will be added to our delicious list of options. This page will continue to update with each product, so please come back and visit us!