Lodi Cream Style Golden Sweet Corn is a delectable blend of farm-fresh kernels cooked to perfection, combined with the milky pulps of vibrant yellow kernels that we picked at the peak of ripeness. We use special seeds created specifically for Lodi Cream Style Golden Sweet Corn. Our cooking and canning methods lock in the flavor, so every bite of our creamed corn offers you both the crunch and milky creaminess of our signature product. With four varieties of corn blended and over 100 years of honing our craft, we give our hungry customers a taste sensation.


Lodi’s fresh Fancy Sweet Peas are picked when crisply ripe and rushed to the canning factory, where they are canned quickly to preserve their tender sweetness. With special seeds created especially for our canning needs, customers can be assured that they are getting young, delicate peas picked at their peak ripeness. By quickly sealing in the flavor, folks throughout the nation can enjoy the delectable crunchy taste of Wisconsin’s signature country peas.


Lodi Canning Co. is constantly growing and expanding. As we evolve, more farm-fresh products will be added to our delicious list of options. This page will continue to update with each product, so please come back and visit us!